Celebrate this Holi in the vivid colours of Madhya Pradesh

As the festival of colors approaches, Madhya Pradesh is getting ready to celebrate Holi with its rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance. Located in a region known for its religious importance, Madhya Pradesh has two major religious sites: Mahakal Lok in Ujjain and Ekatm Dham (Statue of Oneness) in Omkareshwar. These places attract devotees and travelers alike.

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During Holi, Madhya Pradesh becomes an attractive destination, welcoming visitors to experience its vibrant culture and warm hospitality. The Bhagoriya tradition, observed by the Bhil tribe during the harvest period, adds to the cultural richness of the state.

At Mahakal Lok, devotees gather to celebrate Holi amidst the divine atmosphere of Lord Shiva’s abode. The first Holika Dahan of Madhya Pradesh takes place here. Additionally, a grand Maha Aarti is held at Sethani Ghat in Narmadapuram district, enhancing the spiritual ambiance with the presence of the sacred Narmada River.

In Chhindwara, the Meghnad Fair brings together different Maharashtrian communities to apply colors to Lord Mahadev, symbolizing unity and harmony.

Indore Gair attracts numerous visitors during Rang Panchami at the Rajwada Palace, where streets are filled with joy and colors. Traditional bullock carts loaded with herbal colors add to the festive spirit as people playfully smear each other with gulal.

The Bundelkhand region, especially the Ram Raja Darbar of Orchha, celebrates Holi with fervor and reverence. In Gwalior, music enthusiasts can enjoy electrifying performances by the Saregama Music Group at Shinde Ki Chhawni Mall, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Mr. Sheo Shekhar Shukla (IAS), Principal Secretary of the Tourism and Culture Department and Managing Director of MP Tourism Board, emphasized that Madhya Pradesh welcomes everyone to join its mesmerizing Holi celebrations, which blend local customs with personal touches. The state celebrates each festival with cultural diversity and spiritual richness, creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

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