China, Australia announce 5-year multiple-entry visas for tourists and business travellers

China and Australia will provide each other’s citizens with multiple-entry visas of up to five years for tourism and business, the Chinese foreign ministry said recently. The visa arrangement followed a milestone trip by China’s Premier Li Qiang to Australia last week that marked a stabilisation in bilateral relations after a period of frosty ties.

Previously, Chinese citizens could obtain visas for up to one year to travel to Australia, with options for up to 10 years for frequent travellers. The new arrangement reflects efforts to enhance travel convenience and deepen economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

In response to the announcement, searches for flights, hotels, and related services for Australia surged by over 200% on Chinese travel platforms, indicating strong interest among Chinese tourists and business travellers.

China has been progressively relaxing entry requirements for visitors from various countries since last year, aiming to facilitate international travel after stringent COVID-19 restrictions were imposed for three years, effectively sealing its borders.

China Australia announce 5 year multiple entry visas

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