Earthian Hotels N Resorts to develop second sustainable resort in Kumbhalgarh

The Earth at Ranthambore in Rajasthan, an Earthian Hotel initiative, offering sustainability as a way of life, is offering its curated collection of exclusive religious and adventurous activities for the summer of May -June 2024.

Beyond the famed Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the Sawai Madhopur district is home to a wealth of attractions like the Pali Ghat Crocodile and Alligator Safari, the historic Sawai Madhopur Fort which houses the Trinetra Ganesh Temple, and the revered Amreshwar Mahadev Temple.

Rohit Pareek, Managing Director of EarthianHotels N Resorts stated, “Ranthambore is synonymous with Tiger Safaris, but there’s so much more to Sawai Madhopur. From historic forts and temples to our Pali Ghat Crocodile Safari, we invite guests to experience the breadth of attractions, all while enjoying the comfort of our eco-friendly rammed mud and wooden cottages.”

“Following the success of The Earth at Ranthambore, we at Earthian Hotels n Resorts are all set to open a second sustainability-themed eco-conscious resort at Kumbhalgarh, in Rajasthan” further added Pareek.

The Pali Ghat Crocodile Safari, on the Chambal River banks, is a highlight during May and June with the emergence of alligator and crocodile hatchlings. The area is also known for its historical temples and the iconic 944 AD Sawai Madhopur Fort, featuring temples, tanks, massive gates, and huge walls.

Guests at The Earth at Ranthambore can enjoy daily activities, including wildlife documentaries, pottery wheel demonstrations, Rajasthani cultural performances, magic shows during high tea, and gourmet meals.

One of the amazing features of the rammed Mud & wooden cottages is that they are naturally insulated, making them comfortable without using artificial instruments. The structures are healing and healthy as no irritant chemicals are used during construction; hence allergies will be kept at bay, and the natural environment will renew your senses.

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