Jyoti Mayal explores opportunities for promoting high-end tourism and skill development at ATM 2024 in Dubai

Jyoti Mayal, the Chairperson of the Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) and President of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), is currently participating in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024 in Dubai, where she is taking significant steps to enhance tourism and skill development between India and the UAE.

During the event, Mayal held a productive meeting with Satish Kumar Sivan, the Consul General of India in Dubai. The discussion centered around various strategies to promote high-end tourism from Dubai to India, highlighting the growing interest in luxury travel experiences among Dubai’s affluent travellers.

Moreover, Mayal and Sivan explored the expanding role of THSC in the region, particularly its achievements in skill development. “We are doing a lot of skilling in Dubai and have already successfully placed 250 individuals in various positions at different hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,” Mayal shared. The placements cover a range of levels, underscoring the council’s commitment to enhancing the skills of hospitality workers in the region.

jyoti Mayal rajiv mehra Mr Mayal Pranav SarkarF

Looking forward, Mayal expressed optimism about potential educational collaborations in Dubai. “We are looking to tie up with a university in Dubai to see how we can further work on skilling,” she stated. Such a partnership would aim to bolster the existing skill development initiatives and provide more structured educational opportunities tailored to the dynamic needs of the hospitality and tourism industry.

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