Nepal govt allows night time business in tourist capital Thamel

Thamel in Nepal now open 24 hours

Nepal’s tourist capital, Thamel is now going to welcome tourists round the clock. A government decision announced last week, marked the start of 24/7 nightlife in Thamel.

Economists say the decision would benefit the tourism industry as a vibrant nightlife has a big economic impact. Sahadev Dhamala, vice president of the Thamel Tourism Development Council said, “The night time economy is a source of new jobs and new income for the city. A city with a vibrant nightlife is much more attractive to visitors. A city that offers 24-hour transport, as well as restaurants and shops that open late, is much more attractive to those who come to visit.”

Throughout its long history, nightlife has been central to Thamel’s identity, but except for a few bars, it usually goes off to sleep before the clock strikes 10. The authorities say shops, restaurants and bars have to be closed by 10 pm, for security reasons, reported The Kathmandu Post.

According to Dhamala, they have estimated that opening Thamel would create 25,000 additional jobs. An estimate shows that Thamel currently employs directly and indirectly – 50,000 people.

“Allowing businesses 24/7 in Thamel, according to our estimates, will raise 25 percent extra taxes to the government,” said Dhamala.

Although there have been no studies on the economic impact of nightlife, tourism industry insiders say tourists spend double during nighttime as compared to daytime.

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