OTOAI Hosts Dinner Event in Collaboration with Javohir Travel Company Tajikistan

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The Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) recently partnered with Javohir Travel Company Tajikistan to showcase Tajikistan’s cultural landscape. Held in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj district, on 22 March 2024 the event featured a captivating presentation by Ms. Umeda Kurbonbekova, highlighting Tajikistan’s rich heritage. OTOAI members experienced the stunning vistas and historical wonders of Tajikistan, marking the beginning of stronger ties between the two nations. President Mr. Riaz Munshi expressed excitement about the collaboration, foreseeing boundless possibilities for travelers. The event sparked a journey of discovery, fostering connections, and uncovering Tajikistan’s hidden gems for future exploration and cultural exchange.

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