Postcard Travel Club joins hands with RARE India to champion conscious luxury travel

Postcard Travel Club, an inclusive community of conscious luxury travellers, travel designers, storytellers, and boutique properties that collectively advance responsible tourism, has formed a strategic alliance with RARE India, a collection of boutique hotels, wildlife lodges, and retreats across India, Bhutan, and Nepal. This partnership unites two pioneers advancing responsible tourism, and is further enhancing their commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement through more conscious travel practices.

Commenting on the collaboration, Amit Jaipura, Founder and CEO at Postcard Travel Club said, “Postcard Travel Club is delighted to announce a new alliance with RARE India as we look to advance our purpose of bringing together all stakeholders advancing conscious luxury travel. This collaboration has proved to be a major milestone for the forward journey of Postcard and has enabled us to reach one step closer to our goal of onboarding 500 plus partners in 50+ countries by the end of 2024.”

“RARE and the community is about authentic destination stories, always believing that tourism at its best should build the destination and benefit the community. With this collaboration, we further aim to spread awareness and belief in responsible tourism,” added Shoba Rudra, Founder Partner at RARE India.

Together, Postcard Travel Club and RARE India aim to redefine conscious luxury travel by promoting boutique properties that prioritise the planet and its people, ensuring that every journey leaves a positive impact. This partnership allows Postcard members to experience the transformative power of conscious luxury travel that is being promoted by the properties represented by Rare India.

Publishing the property profiles and the unique experiences on the Postcard platform as part of the collaboration, the brand has on boarded over 90 properties spanning 19 Indian states under the RARE India collective. Unique adventures such as tracking tigers in Kanha, spotting snow leopards in Ladakh, and enjoying serene beach retreats in Kerala. Every RARE property actively contributes to planet-sensitive endeavours, embracing practices such as reducing single-use plastic, ensuring responsible garbage disposal, conserving water and energy, and safeguarding the intricate tapestry of nature and biological diversity.

Postcard Travel Club also launched “Postcard Search Engine”, a unique interests-based search engine last month that helps conscious luxury travellers find immersive experiences and boutique properties that match their personal interests and values. 

Postcard Travel Club joins hands

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