Saryu Mahotsav to raise awareness for conservation of rivers, water resources & natural heritage

Uttar Pradesh’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, Jaiveer Singh inaugurated the Saryu Mahotsav in Ayodhya at Ram ki Paidi on June 21. The Tourism and Culture Minister said that the aim of the festival is to raise public awareness about the conservation of water, forests, and land while promoting our harmonious coexistence with nature.

He also highlighted the adverse impacts of increasing urbanization and industrialization on the environment. Rivers are drying up and traditional water sources such as ponds, tanks, and wells are getting depleted of water levels. He also stressed about the urgent need for prudent use of water resources and the protection of forests to ensure a healthy environment and sufficient natural resources for future generations.

Growing issues of global warming, climate change, and ecological imbalance due to increased human interference are posing a significant threat to nature and its resources. He remarked that rivers are lifelines; great civilizations have thrived along their banks. To rejuvenate these vital water bodies, collective awareness and efforts are necessary. In maintaining a balance with nature, it is imperative to save rivers, ponds, and natural water sources.

The Saryu Mahotsava is being organized to foster public awareness about the importance of preserving our natural heritage. Nature is essential for human survival. Therefore, it is crucial to keep our rivers, forests, land, and natural water sources alive. Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department in order to create awareness about the same is inviting people to take part in this Mahotsava.

Saryu Mahotsav to raise awareness fo

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