Skyscanner reveals nearly half of India’s Gen Z ready for first independent trips abroad

Global travel marketplace, Skyscanner, has unveiled its latest report titled ‘First Trip with Skyscanner’, revealing a strong desire for travel among India’s Gen Z (aged 18-25). Nearly half (47%) of them are eagerly planning leisure trips abroad, without their parents or guardians, fueled by their deep desire for exploration and new adventures (49%). What’s more interesting is that financial independence is key to Gen Zs, with a whopping 81% choosing to plan their first overseas adventure after landing their first job or receiving their first paycheck.

Taking your first overseas trip represents a significant milestone for numerous young adults worldwide. While many time it with a graduation celebration, in India, it only becomes a reality after they land their first job. In fact, 2 in 3 young Indians are diligently saving, while only 1 in 5 utilise buy-now-pay-later options to make their travel dreams a reality sooner.

The survey results shed light on the travel behaviours and factors considered by Gen Z in India as they chart their course for their first independent trip without their parents or guardians. By understanding these travel aspirations, Skyscanner aims to assist young travellers in understanding their preferences and provide them with valuable resources to plan effectively ahead of their trips and find the best deals.

Skyscanner’s Travel and Destinations Expert, Mohit Joshi said, “Gen Zs in India are passionate about exploration! Whether it is their desire to seize the opportunity of semester breaks and long weekends to fuel their wanderlust (42%), or celebrate special milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations (39%), their passion for travel is undeniable. As their travel companion, we want to empower them to turn their travel dreams into reality by assisting them with the necessary resources and tools, ensuring their first trip goes without a hitch. Search features on Skyscanner like setting up ‘Price Alerts’ or using the ‘Cheapest Month’ tool, can help save an average of 32% on flights for Indian travellers.”

Gen Z craves the excitement of life’s defining moments, with 46% inspired to jet off overseas to experience concerts, sports events, and other big cultural events. That said, stepping outside their comfort zones and immersing themselves in cultural exploration is also a major drive for these travellers. With over half (51%) seeing travel as a chance to break free and immerse in new cultures, it’s all about expanding horizons.

Food is an integral part of the travel experience for most young travellers. Their excitement to explore extends well beyond destinations with Indians doing a fair bit of research to find vegetarian-friendly options and restaurants (43%) that offer a top-tier culinary experience tailored to their dietary preferences.

Many young Indian Gen Z travellers are drawn to Europe’s vibrant cultures and historic landmarks, with over 40% listing it as their top destination. The allure of iconic sights, charming, cobbled streets, and diverse experiences are particularly appealing, with nearly half (21%) having their hearts set on the United Kingdom.

Skyscanner reveals nearly half of India

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