UN and Moldova team up for female leadership project in tourism


The “Empowering Young Women: Sustainable Livelihoods through Tourism” initiative, supported by Invest Moldova Agency and Moldova State University with funding from the Estonian Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, aims to bolster women’s participation in the tourism sector and advance key Sustainable Development Goals.

The initiative commenced with a pilot training session led by nine female trainers and five rural entrepreneurs in Puhoi, covering various topics including Tourist Safety and Digital Literacy. Plans are underway to extend this training to 200 rural women across Moldova in April 2024.

UN Tourism’s experts collaborated with potential female trainers to address gender equality issues within the tourism sector, fostering a self-sustaining cycle of mentorship and growth among women in Moldova.

Natalia Bayona, Executive Director of UN Tourism, highlighted the importance of education and capacity-building programs in overcoming gender inequality in the tourism industry.

Andrei Chistol, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Moldova, emphasized the significance of training women in tourism for rural community development and economic growth.

Otilia Dandara, First Deputy Rector of Moldova State University, praised the immediate impact of the initiative and its commitment to championing gender equality in tourism, showcasing the potential of collaboration for transformative change.

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