Government of Meghalaya Unveils ‘Echoes of The Hills’ book & ‘Meghalaya Trails’ App

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To boost the tourism sector of Meghalaya, the Department of Tourism, Government of Meghalaya, organised a momentous launch event, celebrating the unveiling of the book “Echoes of The Hills” and the launch of the app “Meghalaya Trails”.

Gracing the occasion were Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K. Sangma, and Minister of Tourism, Bah Paul Lyngdoh. The event also saw the presence of Commissioner & Secretary, Tourism Department, Dr. Vijay Kumar D and Founding Partner of Trek the Himalaya, Rakesh Pant, among others.

The launch highlights the government’s unwavering commitment to promoting tourism in Meghalaya. Together, they revealed the highly anticipated book, ‘Echoes of The Hills,’ capturing the essence of Meghalaya’s captivating beauty and cultural diversity.

Sangma, expressed his gratitude to all participants and distributed certificates to the dignitaries as a token of appreciation for their unwavering support towards enhancing Meghalaya’s tourism sector.

Congratulating the participants who have undergone the training programs, the Chief Minister said, “You are much more than just guides, you will be the face of our tourism, you will be the marketing people of our tourism, you will be the brand ambassadors for us. I urged the department that please continue to train and improve their skills as they move along.”

He added that tourists’ guides should weave stories around the places and urged the guides to be knowledgeable.

Lyngdoh in his address, emphasised the significance of sustainable tourism practices. He said, “Documenting our treks, our trails, and our hikes certainly is a huge achievement considering the challenges of topography, reaching out to distant, sometimes unapproachable trails. It speaks about our resilience, and our collective dedication towards uplifting the state’s economy through tourism.”

He added that the state is preparing to a bill to protect the state’s fragile ecosystem which will go a long way in ensuring that tourism will cater to high-value tourism.

The event also included a heartfelt felicitation of the Trek the Himalayas team for their invaluable contribution to promoting tourism in the region. Meanwhile, Commissioner & Secretary, Tourism Department, Kumar D, in his speech acknowledged the presence of trekking enthusiasts at the programme and stressed on the fact that Meghalaya is a touristic state with tourism being an important growth engine for the state.

The event was followed by the screening of “Echoes of The Hills Experience Video,” offering a glimpse into the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture of Meghalaya. The launch of the Meghalaya Trails app marked a milestone in the state’s tourism initiatives, providing visitors with an immersive digital platform to discover and explore the hidden gems of Meghalaya.

The book launch event served as a testament to Meghalaya’s rich cultural heritage and its potential to emerge as a premier tourist destination nationwide. With initiatives like the Meghalaya Trails app and the publication of “Echoes of The Hills,” the state is poised to attract visitors from different walks of life, offering them an unforgettable experience amidst nature’s bounty.

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