Qatar Airways becomes first leading airline in MENA to introduce complementary Starlink Wi-Fi onboard

Qatar Airways, a multiple award-winhttp://Qatar Airways is the First Leading Airline in MENA to Introducening airline, has announced the introduction of Starlink’s innovative high-speed, low-latency Wi-Fi on three of its Boeing 777-300 aircraft by the last quarter of this year, as part of the initial phase of its rollout strategy. This strategic move solidifies the airline’s commitment to elevating the passenger experience onboard, with plans to progressively extend SpaceX-powered technology across its entire modern fleet within the next two years.

The announcement took place on the second day of the Aircraft Interior Expo at Hamburg – Germany, in the presence of Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, and Mike Nicolls, Vice President of Starlink Engineering at SpaceX.

As a globally recognised leader in innovation, Qatar Airways consistently delivers advanced technologies to redefine the inflight experience for passengers. By offering an ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity of up to 500 megabit per second per plane, Qatar Airways’ passengers can use the high-speed and low-latency network with a simple ‘one-click-access’ to enjoy a variety of internet-based services such as video streaming of their favourite entertainment and sports videos, online gaming, enriched web-browsing and much more.

Al-Meer said, “This exciting collaboration with Starlink is a testament to our customer-first mindset and commitment to elevating our passengers’ experience to unprecedented heights, as we continue furthering our innovative offerings to meet and exceed passengers’ expectations throughout their journey with Qatar Airways.”

Qatar Airways 2

Nicolls said, “High-speed, low-latency internet is the future of aviation connectivity, and we’re excited to work with Qatar Airways to start flying Starlink on their fleet by the end of this year. Soon, all Qatar Airways passengers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the world’s best in-flight connectivity from the comfort of their seats.”

As the first-ever service of its kind in the MENA region, the collaboration with Starlink, the world’s largest satellite internet constellation engineered and operated by SpaceX, marks a new milestone for the national carrier of the State of Qatar. This strategic initiative will further elevate the airline’s unparalleled onboard experience.

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