Tourism Minister launches awareness programme to boost tourism in Mizoram

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In a bid to enhance the tourism sector in Mizoram, Tourism Minister Lalrinpuii inaugurated the Tourism Awareness Programme (T.A.P) for Training of Tourist Service Providers at the Chaltlang Tourist Lodge Conference Hall on March 11.

Addressing the gathering at the inauguration ceremony, Minister Lalrinpuii stated the significance of community-based tourism and highlighted that tourism not only attracts visitors from other states and countries but also fosters local tourism.

“Tourism should involve the public as stakeholders, with the department serving as a facilitator,” stated Lalrinpuii, advocating for an inclusive approach to Mizoram’s tourism industry, accessible to people from both rural and urban areas through online platforms and social media.

Highlighting the vital role of accommodation, hospitality, and local cuisine in promoting tourism, the Minister stated their importance as the lifeline of the sector, reported India Today NE.

Under the Mizoram Registration of Tourist Trade Act-2020, various tourist service providers have registered themselves, indicating a promising landscape for tourism development in the state. The registered entities include 60 hotels, 97 homestays, 20 guest houses/inns/lodges/motels, 35 travel agents, 11 tour operators, and 29 catering units, along with over 700 restaurants.

The launch of the T.A.P programme is expected to further empower these service providers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance the tourist experience in Mizoram.

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