Travelport Delivers NDC Content and Servicing for Qatar Airways on Travelport+

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Travelport, a global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, and Qatar Airways, one of the world’s leading global airlines, have recently announced that Qatar’s NDC content and enhanced servicing capabilities are now available in the Travelport+ platform.

Travelport customers can easily search and compare NDC offers from Qatar Airways, as well as service NDC bookings, which includes modifications and cancellations. Travelport+ enables agency customers to access a wide range of rich content, fares, and unique offerings from Qatar Airways all in one place, enhanced by the Content Curation Layer (CCL). This Travelport+ feature minimizes manual tasks using powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) capabilities to provide agents and travelers a more modern retailing experience with faster search response times, highly relevant results, and greater accuracy.

“Our NDC collaboration with Travelport ensures that travel agents around the globe can effortlessly shop and book our growing repertoire of NDC offers and provide exceptional service to our customers, including post-ticketing,” said Matt Raos, Senior Vice President Global Sales at Qatar Airways.

“Qatar Airways has long been committed to bringing our agency partners along on the NDC journey, so we’re pleased to extend our NDC offers to Travelport subscribers.” “Now that Qatar’s NDC content is available on Travelport+, our agency customers will have the ability to view and compare more dynamic offers and ancillaries from Qatar Airways so they can create a more streamlined, personalized experience for travelers,” said Jason Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer, Travel Partners at Travelport.

“We’ve built our NDC solution to empower travel agents to operate as modern retailers and provide the level of service that travelers need beyond the point of booking, so that our partners benefit from more upsells and greater loyalty from their customers,” he added.

“This partnership with Qatar Airways on Travelport+ is a quantum leap in enhancing the booking experience for our travel partners, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to driving innovation within the travel industry .By integrating NDC content and servicing, we aim to redefine the standards of efficiency, reliability, and convenience by not just offering more choice; but empowering travel retailers with an expanded horizon of possibilities,” said Sanjay Kumar, President and CEO at InterGlobe Technology Quotient (ITQ).

Travelport’s NDC content and servicing solution for Qatar Airways has first become available to agency customers located across Australia, India, Kuwait, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar and the UK. Access will expand to agency customers located in additional countries around the world in the coming weeks.

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