West Bengal s new luggage carrier guidelines to boost travel experience in the state

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In a significant move set to enhance the tourism landscape of West Bengal, the State Tourism & Transport Department has issued new guidelines for the fitment of luggage carriers on commercial vehicles. This development comes as a culmination of persistent advocacy by various travel and tourism bodies including the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) West Bengal chapter, which has been in discussions with various state departments for over five years.

The notification issued by the West Bengal Transport Department on February 5 marks a pivotal step forward in addressing long-standing concerns related to the carrying capacity of tourist vehicles, especially in and around Kolkata. The initiative is expected to significantly ease the transportation of luggage, thereby enhancing the overall travel experience for tourists visiting the region.

The decision has been widely welcomed by tour operators and tourist transport operators, who see it as a major boost to the state’s tourism sector. 

The successful implementation of the new luggage carrier guidelines is largely credited to Dr. Soumitra Mohan, Secretary of the Transport Department, whose efforts have been instrumental in making this initiative a reality. The collaborative efforts of representatives from the Transport and Tourism departments, Kolkata Police, and IATO during the extensive meetings over the past few years have also helped in framing of the new guidelines.

The move is seen not only as a facilitator for better tourism services but also as a stimulus for the local economy, potentially leading to increased tourist influx and higher demand for local services and products. It aligns with the broader vision of making West Bengal a more accessible and tourist-friendly destination.

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