Chef Massimo Bottura returns to New Delhi for a second consecutive year

Chef Massimo Bottura

Culinary enthusiasts and connoisseurs are in for a treat as the world’s greatest chef, Massimo Bottura, gears up to bring Osteria Francescana, twice rated as The World’s Best Restaurant by The World’s 50 Best to New Delhi for a second consecutive year in a row and after its first successful culinary showcase, last year. The Leela Palace New Delhi, Culinary Culture, and the culinary mastermind himself have come together to create an unparalleled partnership whereby on April 19 and 20, 2024, Chef Bottura will reproduce the magic of his Three Michelin Star restaurant from Modena, Italy, at The Leela Palace New Delhi.

Chef Bottura, the culinary maestro and passionate philanthropist, has received international praise for his dedication to social and environmental problems. Bottura, a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and founder of the non-profit group ‘Food for Soul,’ pushes for sustainability and food waste reduction, mirroring The Leela’s eco-conscious approach and shared passion.

Under Chef Bottura’s guidance, Osteria Francescana, has captured worldwide palates with its unique approach to Italian food, consistently being featured amongst the world’s best restaurants. Bottura’s culinary expertise offers a sensory voyage unlike any other, with iconic dishes such as ‘Oops I Dropped the Lemon Tart,’ ‘The Crunchy Part of the Lasagne,’ and ‘Psychedelic Cod Not Flame Grilled’ which will be present on the special menus offered. Chef Bottura will also host an invite-only interactive session in advance of the dinners, in which he will speak with Vir Sanghvi, India’s foremost food virtuoso in this private gathering.

Speaking on this unique culinary collaboration, Anupam Dasgupta, Area Vice President (North) – The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts and General Manager, The Leela Palace New Delhi said, “Food has always functioned as a link between different nations, cultures, and people. At The Leela, we are devoted to including meaningful experiences that align with our guests’ interests and passions. We are happy to work with Culinary Culture to bring Chef Massimo to our city of Delhi, and it is our privilege and honour to host him once more at The Leela Palace New Delhi. We look forward to the beautiful epicurean joy and experience that Chef Massimo will curate for the pop-up dinners. Excited to witness and be part of the new level of innovation that Chef Massimo will be bringing to the table.”

Raaj Sanghvi, CEO, Culinary Culture added, “It’s truly an honour to welcome Massimo and his team back to India for the third consecutive year and second time at The Leela Palace, New Delhi. Massimo Bottura transcends the role of a chef; he serves as a global inspiration, leveraging his influence to bring about positive changes worldwide. His genuine appreciation for India’s culture and cuisine is evident and each visit provides us with invaluable learning opportunities. At Culinary Culture, our mission is to introduce the world’s finest to India, and we are grateful to our partners The Leela Hotels and Diageo who have made this possible”.

Chef Bottura, speaking with anticipation about his return to India, expressed, “Namaste, India! I am delighted to return to your beautiful country. In New Delhi, we are working with Culinary Culture and The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts to provide two spectacular meals with my most iconic dishes! I love India- the food and the people and can’t wait to be back and give you all a big Italian hug!”

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