Scapia launches intercity buses for remote escapes

Buses have long been a preferred mode of travel for millennials, especially for impulse travel and remote escapes. Scapia, one of India’s leading travel fintech companies, is doubling down on its commitment to fuel travellers’ wanderlust by launching Scapia Buses, the latest addition to their travel arsenal.

The bus travel industry is booming, projected to reach a whopping INR 104,000 crore by 2026. Scapia aims to seize this opportunity by tapping into the very essence of Indian travel culture – offering a seamless and convenient way of hopping onto the next adventure. Through the solution, Scapia keeps things smooth with hassle-free booking, including secure in-app payments and easy cancellation policies. Scapia Buses will also be seamlessly integrated with government buses across eight states in India.

Gone are the days of white-knuckling traffic or wondering where your bus is. Scapia Buses puts travellers in control with real-time bus tracking, keeping them cruising worry-free.  Scapia will also do more than just get you there – it will ensure you do this in style and comfort by introducing the Scapia Score, bridging the gap between online bus ratings and on-the-ground reality. Each bus operator is carefully vetted based on years in operation, fleet size, punctuality, and overall service fulfilment. Only the top 1,000 operators make the cut, ensuring travellers have a delightful bus experience.

The app also commits to safety and encourages travel for women by providing single berth availability, dedicated specific seating for women only, live tracking, and 24/7 assistance for all journey-related issues.

Anil Goteti, Founder of Scapia, said, “Since the launch of our co-branded card last year, customers have been enjoying our Flights and Stays offerings, travelling at least 5 times a year with us. Buses are a favourite among millennials for impulse travel and remote escapes. With a curated selection and a delightful booking experience, this launch will further strengthen Scapia’s product offerings for travellers.”


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