“Roseate Hotels & Resorts Launches Roseate Learning Centre and Innovative Hospitality Training Initiatives”

Roseate Hotels & Resorts, a dynamic player in the hospitality industry, has consistently shown its dedication to enhancing the growth and development of its workforce. This commitment is exemplified through the establishment of the Roseate Learning Centre, a dedicated space designed to promote self-paced learning.

Under the leadership of CEO Kush Kapoor, Roseate Hotels & Resorts has initiated several groundbreaking programs aimed at enriching the skills and knowledge of its employees. By integrating the LobsterInk Learning Management System, associates gain access to a wide range of educational modules covering various aspects of hotel operations and management. Through its partnership with LobsterInk, a subsidiary of Ecolab USA, Roseate has provided globally recognized training materials and resources to its staff, including training videos, materials, quizzes, and assessments. Completion badges tied to individual appraisals serve as incentives for continuous learning and growth.

Additionally, the implementation of LobsterInk enables Heads of Departments (HODs) to monitor and track their teams’ progress transparently, fostering a culture of accountability and excellence.

Supplementing the digital learning platform are specialized programs such as the Professional Development Programme (PDP) and the Back-To-Basics Programme (B2B), which aim to enhance managerial skills and reinforce customer-centric values among associates. Recognizing the importance of language proficiency in the hospitality industry, Roseate Hotels & Resorts has introduced Spoken English Training for colleagues, aimed at improving communication skills and self-confidence.

To nurture future leaders, the company has launched the Executive Development Programme, providing intensive training to recent hotel management graduates. Furthermore, the Roseate Mentorship Programme identifies and supports promising students from select institutions, offering internships and training opportunities to prepare them for future leadership roles within the organization.

CEO Kush Kapoor emphasizes that the establishment of the Roseate Learning Centre aims to bridge industry gaps, upskill the workforce, and create new opportunities in hospitality. Beyond internal training initiatives, Roseate Hotels & Resorts is exploring partnerships with academic institutions offering hospitality education, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Through collaborations and sponsorships, the brand seeks to foster a culture of skill development and innovation among aspiring hospitality professionals.

Monthly skill-based competitions sponsored by Roseate Hotels & Resorts provide a platform for young talents to showcase their abilities while enhancing the brand’s presence within the academic community.

With its holistic approach to training and development, Roseate Hotels & Resorts continues to set new standards in hospitality education, ensuring its associates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in an ever-evolving industry landscape. 

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